Creating an Adaptive, Resilient, Anti Fragile Family Office That Thrives Generationally Masterclass: The Rise of the Modern Single Family Office

Instructed by Angelo Robles, CEO & Founder, Family Office Association, and Host of the Angelo Robles Podcast


UHNW Families and their family businesses are facing increasing complexities, such as: an uncertain economy, cyber threats, tax complexities, evolving regulations, changing family dynamics, terrorist attacks, geo-political risks, generational conflicts, emerging technologies, COVID19 and viruses. 

The most important way for these families to sustain their legacy, and to solve problems before they exist, is to create a single family office. 

This Masterclass covers in EXTENSIVE detail the complexities within a family office and the internal/external resources, technology, and expert advice needed to create or transform into a modern, resilient and anti fragile single family office, to procure positive future outcomes. 

Tony Robbins states "spend some money now and progress your knowledge immediately (force multiply), or spend many years trying to figure it out."

Upon completion, you will achieve deep insight into the structures, governance, and systems of high-performing single family offices and enhance your capability to use the tools, resources, and best practices to adapt during times of crisis, bypass mediocrity, and achieve financial and generational greatness. 

Desired Outcomes

How can you future-proof your Single Family Office? COVID-19 caught many SFOs off guard, revealing their weaknesses and exposing risks. In this Masterclass session, we will draw on over a decade of experience working with best-in-class family offices to create the processes and strategies that will ensure the family/single family office's larger goals far into the future.

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Who is this course for?

  • Wealth Creator
  • Family Member
  • Family Office Executive
  • Advisor to Wealthy Families
  • Entrepreneur
  • Partners in PE, VC, & Hedge Funds
  • People That Would Like to Work in a Family Office

Course Curriculum

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